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Active Directory provisioning script

When writing PowerShell scripts for use in our Active Directory environment, I noticed that I use the same variables and information in every script. That’s all fine, but when something changes I had to update each and every script seperately. And you always forget to update 1 or 2 scripts which is annoying.
At one of my previous employers, they developed something they refered to as a provisioning script. This script not only contained these variables and information, but also a lot of commonly used functions. Among others, this script contained functions to create new user accounts and service accounts. Other scripts, outside of the provisioning script, could then ‘import’ the provisioning script using a technique called dot sourcing and be able to use the variables declared in the provisioning script as well as the functions from the provisioning script.
So when information changes, I only have to update 1 location.

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Monitor AD group changes

Ever wanted to monitor group changes in AD? This is a script I came up with to do just that. It will collect the security log events from the last hour on all your domain controllers.

In order to use this script, just create a new scheduled task on a machine with the Active Directory module for Windows PowerShell installed and run this script every hour (or whatever you changed $time to). !! Note that the scheduled task needs to be run with an account which has domain admin privileges to be able to read from the security logs of all your domain controllers !!>

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